Which is the Right Mini Skip Bin Size for Your Renovation Project?


A mini skip bin creates an easy way of handling and disposing of waste during a renovation project. However, before going through with the hiring process, it is essential to determine the right bin size for your project. Doing so will ensure that you get the most value from the hire. Read on to find out some of the fundamental factors that should guide you when choosing the right mini skip bin size for your waste disposal needs.

13 September 2016

Tips for improving the appearance of your garden


A lot of homeowners forego garden maintenance throughout the autumn and winter months, largely because they so rarely use their outdoor spaces during these chillier periods. However, with the warmer seasons fast approaching, now is the ideal time to begin whipping your garden back into shape so that it is primed and ready for any upcoming dinner parties and family barbecues. Here are some tips on how to spruce up this part of your property.

31 August 2016

What You Need to Tell the Company before Hiring One of Its Skip Bins


Detailing the contents of your waste is something that may not automatically come to mind when hiring a skip bin, but it is important. Most skip bin hire companies have a list of what you can and cannot put in their skip bins, and should the prohibited items be among the things you need to get rid of, they require full disclosure in order to handle the waste appropriately. While the items that require prior disclosure may vary among different companies, there are some that cut across the board.

29 August 2016