Tips for improving the appearance of your garden


A lot of homeowners forego garden maintenance throughout the autumn and winter months, largely because they so rarely use their outdoor spaces during these chillier periods. However, with the warmer seasons fast approaching, now is the ideal time to begin whipping your garden back into shape so that it is primed and ready for any upcoming dinner parties and family barbecues. Here are some tips on how to spruce up this part of your property.

Deal with the most noticeable flaws first

If you're not sure where to start with this project, the best thing to do is to identify the most noticeable issues in the garden and address them first. When you step outside, which flaw immediately catches your eye? It might be a section of damaged fencing, a large cluster of weeds, a brown lawn covered in bare patches or an overgrown tree that's blocking out all of the natural light.

A broken fence is something that you can probably repair quite easily in just a couple of hours. Likewise, all that's needed to remove weeds is the right set of tools, a pair of gardening gloves and some elbow grease. A dying lawn can quickly be revived with a few doses of a high-quality fertiliser (although this activity should only be carried out after the grass has been thoroughly watered as pouring fertiliser on a dry lawn can burn it).

However, if the issue is something that you're not confident you can deal with, it's best to hire a professional. In the case of the aforementioned overgrown tree for example, an arborist would be the best person to handle this job (as it could be dangerous to try and cut down heavy or unstable branches by yourself).

Carry out a deep-clean

Spending a few hours cleaning every inch of your garden can make a tremendous difference to its general appearance. For this task, you'll need a mild detergent, a hard-bristled outdoor sweeping brush, a weeding tool, plenty of hot water and a pressure washer. Additionally, if your garden has accumulated a large amount of clutter, in the form of discarded seed trays and plant pots, broken garden decor items, grass cuttings and old scraps of timber, then a skip bin might also be useful. Bin hire companies like Binshoot Bin Hire can be found in almost every major town and city and usually offer their services at very reasonable prices.

Sweep up all of the debris on the surface of the decking or paving areas, and remove every trace of dirt and moss that has collected in between your patio stones (this can be done with a knife and freshly-boiled water). Then, use the pressure washer to wash away grime, dust and bird droppings from your garden furniture and fencing. Pick up any rubbish, gardening debris and other unwanted clutter and throw this into the skip. Such large cleaning projects like this are best done with skip bins because it's likely all of the waste won't fit in your everyday bins.


31 August 2016

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