What You Need to Tell the Company before Hiring One of Its Skip Bins


Detailing the contents of your waste is something that may not automatically come to mind when hiring a skip bin, but it is important. Most skip bin hire companies have a list of what you can and cannot put in their skip bins, and should the prohibited items be among the things you need to get rid of, they require full disclosure in order to handle the waste appropriately.

While the items that require prior disclosure may vary among different companies, there are some that cut across the board. These include the following:


These are basically any items that can rot over time, thereby emitting nasty odours and attracting insects and vermin. These include food waste, sanitary napkins, disposable nappies, animal waste and such kinds of waste. These kinds of waste usually have other forms of disposal and are collected either by local councils or companies specialized to deal with those kinds of waste. Besides, it is a rather unpleasant exercise to deal with rotten waste, and it can be harmful to the skip bin company staff.

Hazardous Materials

These include batteries, oil and paint. It also includes pesticides, poisons and anything containing asbestos. All these are absolutely prohibited because they cannot be disposed of in the landfills that most skip bin companies use. The only exception is where the company is authorized to handle these toxic materials, which you will have to confirm in advance.

Vehicle tyres

For most skip bin companies, getting rid of vehicle tyres in the correct way is a cumbersome process, and some are simply not equipped to deal with it. Besides, tyres take up too much space in the skip bin that could be occupied by other kinds of waste material.

It is therefore recommended that in order to save your time, money and the environment, you should simply take your old tyres directly to tyre recyclers.

Old Appliances

While a skip bin seems a good way to get rid of your old microwave or that broken down washer, it is uneconomical and rather cumbersome for you. Just like with the tyres, the appliance will take up much needed space, and so you may need more bins or more trips to clear out your waste. In addition, you will have to remove the lids and doors off the appliance and have them degassed as needed. So to save time and energy, just take these appliances directly to a recycling facility.

Just in case you may consider sneaking in a few of these items in your waste, remember that some companies may return the entire waste load to your home or have you pay extra to transport the prohibited materials to the appropriate disposal facilities. So be sure to look through and sort out everything you need to get rid off in advance, and make full disclosure to the company.


29 August 2016

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