Tips for Hiring a Skip Bin


A renovation, a garden cleanup or a garage de-clutter are a few of the projects that can require skip bin hire. Here are several tips to help you choose the right one.

Choosing the Size 

Larger skip bins cost more than smaller ones, so it's important to choose the right capacity for your needs. A smaller skip may suit a simple garage declutter, and a large-capacity skip may be appropriate for a kitchen renovation. But this depends on the specific situation. The skip hire company can advise you once you explain the details.

While you may be tempted to save money and opt for a smaller capacity, this move can be counterproductive. You might run out of space in the skip and have to stop a garden cleanup, for example, while you wait for another container. If contractors are breaking up an old kitchen or patio to replace it, a delay will add to the costs. Additionally, hiring two smaller skips may be more expensive than hiring one larger one.

Allowable Materials

Skips are designated for particular materials, and you'll need to choose what type of rubbish you're disposing of when you hire a skip. A general household container can take a variety of rubbish. If you have a lot of branches and foliage to get rid of, you'll need a green waste bin. Alternatively, you can put crushed concrete and bricks from your remodel into a particular skip.

Some items, such as batteries and oil paint, need to be disposed of separately rather than being put in a skip. If you suspect your house contains asbestos, you should hire an expert to make an assessment and remove it. Dangerous substances shouldn't go in the skip.

Cubic Metres

A skip hire company can make suggestions about the size you'll need, but you can make a rough estimate yourself. A skip's capacity is specified in terms of cubic square metres. If you have a pile of trash ready to be loaded, you can multiply the pile's length and width, and then multiply that by the height of the rubbish mound. That will give you a cubic metre reading to help you decide on the appropriate skip.

You usually don't need to be concerned with the weight of the trash, as many companies will take whatever fits inside the skip you choose. But this can vary between companies, and weight can become a factor with large skips. So you should check before you hire one.


6 April 2023

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