Two Tips To Follow if You’ve Hired a Skip Bin With Doors


Here are a few tips to take note of if your local bin rental company has skip bins with doors available and you're thinking of hiring one.

Use traffic cones or chalk to block off the area where the opened doors are located

Unless you live alone and the bin will be in a completely unoccupied part of your property, you should use chalk or traffic cones to indicate and block off the area where the doors are positioned when they're open. If for example, the bin is on the street in front of your home and someone parks right beside it, you may not be able to open its doors fully (or at all). Likewise, if the bin is in your garden and your household members assume that it's a standard doorless one, they might lay their gardening materials or picnic paraphernalia beside its doors and you might then have to ask them to move their things so you can access the interior.

By putting up a few traffic cones or drawing on the street or your lawn with some chalk, you can ensure that even when you're not around to explain this matter to people, they will still know to avoid putting their vehicles or belongings in the area where the opened doors are located and you can then utilise this extremely useful feature of the bin.  

Keep the doors closed but unlocked if you or your neighbours have dogs

It's best to keep the doors closed but unlocked if you or any of your neighbours have dogs. Whilst this will mean that you'll need to reopen the doors every time you need to put something in the bin, it will also ensure your pets don't cause any bin-related mischief. For example, if you have a dog and you leave the bin doors open, they might walk into the bin and start dragging out any refuse that smells interesting or that they think is a toy. This might lead to you having to pick up a lot of rubbish that your pet has taken out of the bin and left lying around its exterior.

Similarly, if your dog can easily wander into the bin via its open doors, they might step on the broken shards of any old plant pots, vases or pieces of glass you've tossed in there, and your refuse-disposal project might be interrupted by you having to go to the vet. If however, you keep the doors closed but unlocked, they won't be able to get in, but you'll be able to use the doors easily whenever you need to.

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27 April 2021

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