3 Simple Ways to Bring Down the Cost of Skip Bin Hire


When you are working with a tight budget, hiring a skip can seem like an expensive investment. This is especially true if you are carrying out costly renovations or repairs around your home. But your rubbish has to go somewhere. And, if you do your homework, you can actually reduce the cost of your skip bin in several ways.

If you are thinking of hiring a skip bin for a renovation or declutter project, you can save money by doing the following three things.

1. Placing your skip bin on your land

In Australia, you have to pay your local council to place a skip bin on council land, for instance, on the nature strip. As such, one simple way to save a nice chunk of change is to ensure that you make space on your own land for your skip bin — even if that means giving up your driveway.

2. Hire a smaller skip

The smaller your skip bin, the cheaper it will be to rent it. This means you need to first prioritize what you throw into your skip bin. For instance, instead of throwing out general household items like bags of clothes and blankets, or smaller but awkward items of furniture, take these items to the tip yourself.

That will allow you to hire a smaller skip for the more difficult items, like renovation waste and old appliances.

3. Book well in advance

If you leave your skip bin hire until the last minute, you'll more than likely end up paying more money than you would have if you had booked in advance. For one, skip bin prices, skip bin permits and landfill prices all fluctuate depending on regulations and the economy. While you wait then, these prices could go up, costing you more.

Moreover, because skip bin companies are a popular means of rubbish disposal in Australia, they often tend to be busy. If you choose to leave your skip bin hire until a day or two before your project then, you might not get the skip bin that you want. The skip bin you want might be unavailable for several days. As a result, you have to pay for another type, or even size, of skip bin.

To save money, and get the skip bin that you want, book well in advance of your waste disposal date. Not doing that could cost you both money and time. 

For more information, reach out to a skip bin hire business in your area.


7 April 2020

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